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Multi-unit recordings from the rat hippocampus made during open field foraging. [about]

The data set contains multichannel simultaneous recordings made from layer CA1 of the right dorsal hippocampus of three Long-Evans rats during open field tasks in which the animals chased randomly placed drops of water or pieces of Froot Loops while on a elevated square platform.   Data for 21 experiments are included.  The duration of the experiments ranged from about 17 minutes to 1 hour 46 minutes.  Total time for all experiments is about 19 hours.  The raw (broadband) data was recorded at 20KHz, simultaneously from 31 to 64 channels.  The raw data was processed to extract the LFPs (Local Field Potentials) and detect spikes. Included in the data set are the following items:

  • Raw (broadband data).
  • Files generated by processing the raw data to extract LFPs and detect spikes.
  • The coordinate and direction of the rats head during the experiment, given both as video files showing the position of the head, and numeric values that were extracted from the videos.
  • Matlab scripts and links to the open source software that was used to process the data.

More information about the experiments and data processing are given in the documents listed at the bottom of this page. A publication based on the data is:
Mizuseki K, Sirota A, Pastalkova E, Buzsáki G., Neuron. 2009 Oct 29;64(2):267-80. (