Project: CRCNS Hippocampus: hc-4

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Extracellular recordings from muiti-site silicon probes used for clustering of neuron responses in rat hippocampal and entorhinal regions. Contains additional data (including raw data) used for spike sorting of some neuron responses provided in the hc-3 data set. [about]

The data set contains raw data that is associated with sessions in the hc-3 data set, but not included in that data set. The relationship between the hc-3 and hc-4 (this) data sets are as follows:  In the hc-3 data set, for each electrode placement, the data set typically contains only a subset of the sessions recorded (usually sleep sessions are not included), and also no original broadband data is included.   The corresponding data in the hc-4 data set includes all the sessions and the broadband raw data used to detect putative spikes, as well as all of the derived data used to do the spike sorting. Because the broadband data is very large, so far, data corresponding to only one electrode placement are included.