The Buzsaki Lab is proud to present a large selection of experimental data available for public access. We publicly share more than a thousand sessions (about 40TB of raw and spike- and LFP-processed data) via our public data repository. The datasets are from freely moving rodents and include sleep-task-sleep sessions (3 to 24 hrs continuous recording sessions) in various brain structures, including metadata. We are happy to assist you to use this data. Our goal is that by sharing these data, other users can provide new insights, extend (or contradict/clarify) our conclusions.

The database contains electrophysiological recordings performed in freely moving rats and mice collected by investigators in the Buzsaki Lab over several years (a subset from head-fixed mice). Sessions have been collected with extracellular electrodes using high-channel-count silicon probes, with spike sorted single units, and intracellular and juxtacellular combined with extracellular electrodes. Several sessions include physiologically and optogenetically identified units. The sessions have been collected from various brain region pairs: the hippocampus, thalamus, amygdala, post-subiculum, septal region, and the entorhinal cortex, and various neocortical regions. In most behavioral tasks, the animals performed spatial behaviors (linear mazes and open fields), preceded and followed by long sleep sessions. Brain state classification is provided.

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