The databank is publicly available via a REST API. What this means is that you can query the database from your preferred programming language. We are using the WordPress REST API and a plugin called formidable api for the routes.

API Routes

General route:

replace id with any of the ids below:

Dataset routes

Projects id = 128

Sessions id = 143

Animals subjects id = 129

General routes

manipulationtypes id = 182

brainregions id = 11

mazetypes id = 16

persons id = 110

laboratories id = 117

siliconprobes id = 20

species id = 115

strains id = 9

virusconstructs id = 108

equipmentlist id = 80

companies id = 104

opticfibers id = 106

Route examples

Project full route:

Silicon probes full route:

MATLAB Toolset

We have developed a set of MATLAB tools for user-friendly interaction with the database. Please visit this page to learn more.


From the CellExplorer interface, users can interact with our data in the databank and automatically download data from the webshare. The REST API is used for efficient communication and data is downloaded from our webshare. Please visit the CellExplorer website to learn more.