English, McKenzie, et al. identify, validate, and quantify monosynaptic connections between pyramidal cells and interneurons, using the spike timing of pre- and postsynaptic neurons in vivo. Their large-scale method uncovers a backbone of connectivity rules in the hippocampus CA1 circuit.


  • Pyramidal cell-interneuron monosynaptic connections identified using spike timing
  • Skewed distribution of connection probability and strength
  • Short-term plasticity of connection strength is synapse specific
  • Presynaptic cooperativity and postsynaptic timing impact spike transmission probability

Pyramidal Cell-Interneuron Circuit Architecture and Dynamics in Hippocampal Networks. Daniel Fine English, Sam McKenzie, Talfan Evans, Kanghwan Kim, Euisik Yoon, György Buzsáki, Neuron 96, 505–520, October 11, 2017. [PDF] [Link] [Cover]